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>June – July 2010 { Missouri River Montana }

December 8, 2010


The water remained high even over the 4th of July, first time we have seen that, but , the fishing was still very good. By the beginning of July we were full on with Caddis and PMD’s , Baetis were still around, and the Tricos were just getting going. Despite the high water, those who were really looking , found great dry-fly fishing, and huge fish-eating on top. There were not that many places to find good top water activity, and most guides were watching the colored balls floating along side their drift boats, hoping they would be pulled under. That left a few of us to hit the dry-fly spots and we were getting fish ( shown above ) that were truly enormous on very small dry flies,( sizes # 18, and # 20’s). It was just after the 4th of July weekend , in which the water started to drop some, and the fishing would have been , maybe , the best we have ever seen. The only reason it was not was because of the un steady flows, the river was going  “up and  down”) on a  daily basis. In order to have great fishing, the flows need to be constant, or the fish cannot feel comfortable with their surrounding , contracting and expanding. The  unfortunate  timing  and water flow inconsistency, led the way for what could have been a “super July into a “good” July, the trout just could not get into a feeding rhythm. Those “in the know”, were aware that those very large trout started eating hoppers  very early in July. As things turned out, we did have one of the great “hopper” seasons for the past 15 years. And , we were catching good #’s of fish well into November on hoppers! The size of  the trout that were eating hoppers was  incredible!
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