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>Oct – November – December…{ Missouri River Montana }

December 12, 2010


By Mid October, normally the Hopper and Caddis fishing gives way to the small bugs, Baetis and Midges, this season was an exception, we had them all. The weather in the late Fall made up for the extremely wet summer, we enjoyed a mild, dry Fall,  right up until waking up to winter. It changed that fast , one day I would consider a float and hunt ( Cast and Blast ), then , the next day, thinking this is the coldest I’ve seen in November in many, many, years. The blizzard of 2010 hit and stayed for weeks, snowing and blowing giant snow drifts that made getting in and out of my driveway a serious challenge.
Funny, just the day before the “blizzard” came, and shook our souls, my yard was inundated with hundreds of hoppers. It was uncomfortable for my Lab ” Pearl ” to walk through the barrage of  hard-shelled jumping bugs, hitting her face and under belly with every step.What was suppose to be the” plague” we heard about at the start of the season, did happen , it just came late . The Farmers must have felt a sigh of relief  when the rains started in late May, keeping the  numbers of grass chewing bugs to a minimum. Without all the moisture throughout the summer, it well may have been a disaster for all the crops.
The “blizzard” did last until the beginning of December, now we are experiencing  what is known as the “Chinook”. In the Northern Rockies we get warming trends that  usually follow very extreme weather patterns, and, like this Chinook, melt away most of the snow, warming to the 50* and sometimes even warmer.
That brings us up to date, December 12th 2010, another storm is on its way, Winter is knocking at the door….

It was  a season in which we saw some of the largest trout, on average, being photographed by anglers and guides up and down the entire river system. The size of the fish in the river in 2010 was truly impressive, and next season should be equally as productive. You can tell people not to miss out , oh yes, this year the fish are huge, but, a picture is worth, a thousand words!
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