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>Ten Days Left to Bird Hunt

December 20, 2010


After seeing this scene, you can guess why I’m looking forward to some Bird Hunting, and not that “fired up”, about going out and fighting the iced up guides of my fly rod…
Now, how about Goose hunting VS Duck hunting, to tell you the truth, I enjoy a “good ” duck to eat. What I mean by a good duck , Mallard, Wigeon, Canvas back, Red heads, Pintails,  and Teal, Wood Ducks, Gadwells, and Black ducks. OK, now after this , it is becoming somewhat suspect on my dinner plate, the “other ducks “. For me, they just don’t eat as well, of course this is my taste buds we are talking about! Some people don’t like wild duck at all, and for some , the list might be quite a bit shorter, but, I like a good duck. Now, Goose on the other hand, umm, I guess you can divide them into two groups, Dark colored  Geese , Light colored  Geese. For me, a goose is a goose, tough, like eating a tennis shoe, I don’t care what color they are, they are hard to eat. If you like Jerky, you’ll like eating a goose, most “goose hunters” make goose jerky, that should tell you something!
I just see so many people on the weekends , coming out of “pit blinds”with so many decoys they need an enclosed trailer to carry all the plastic look alikes. How many can one shoot , 4, dark geese? It seems like so much work to shoot four geese, I mean, you could be done in the first couple of  passes , then what? Pick up all the deeks , and go home? That leaves you to the worst part, you have to eat them!
Every morning I hear hunters shooting geese, it is usually just as the light of  the day begins , day break. Boom, boom,    boom boom boom,     boom, I’m amazed of just how long this goes on, how many people are shooting? How bad of shots are the people shooting? That’s sounds like a lot of “Jerky”, or are they just missing?

I get up pretty early in the mornings , usually around 5:00 AM, make coffee, turn on the computer, and start work. For the last two months at daybreak, I hear that same sound, of boom , boom boom, boom. The shooting is not that far out-of-town, so it resonates into my house, and my computer is right near my back window, in the direction of the shooting . I’m a hunter, I really like to hunt birds, my dog lives for it. But, I cannot say I’m a goose ( per say) hunter . Every season I will shoot a couple of geese when I’m out duck hunting. They fly over, OK, I’ll shoot them, then, I’ve got to eat them. Now, I know some people like to eat them, if you are one of these folks , share on your “trick” to make a goose eatable.
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  1. January 1, 2011 7:50 PM

    >A goose is goose …..

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