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>More Snow? A New Year…

December 29, 2010


I woke up this morning to see nothing but white covering  everything outside, more snow…One would think it was the middle of winter. Oh , it is the middle of winter in North Central  Montana, I have already been out twice this morning to brush off the steps.
New Years is coming on fast, another year quickly approaches, what will this year of 2011 bring? Last year was a year for change for me, I was ready for something new. I think people around the world saw many changes due to the hardships brought about by the fallen economy. What will this new year bring, more change, or will it be steady as she goes?
I made a move that I have been wanting to do for some time, I sold my house in Helena , and moved 70 miles north to the river community of Cascade Montana, which is located on the Blue Ribbon Missouri River, one of the best Trout and Walleye Rivers on the planet. This is a small town, less than a thousand inhabitants reside here , but it appears that it is growing. This community is comprised of  a rich ranching / farming base, that is renown for it’s fine beef, and high quality wheat. We have 3 bars and five different churches, which in Montana is called ” being out numbered’….
One of the benefits of living here on the banks of the Missouri River , is the fact that Great Falls Montana is so close. G. F. is a very large town here in the state of “Plata y Oro”, not really a city so to speak, but a big town, around 80,000 folks live in the area. It only takes around 20 minutes to get into civilization, and civilized is completely debatable term, used once you have driven through Montana’s 3rd largest town.
It is suppose to snow all day and through tomorrow, an accumulation of 24 inches will be covering some spots , but with the typical winds( no, not tropical ), other places will see drifts upward to three feet. This makes driving in and around Great Falls even more interesting, I did stock up yesterday , so I will not need to venture out into the elements. Time again to sweep the steps, better than letting it accumulate and having to shovel!

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