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Do you own a Dog?

February 28, 2011


Are you the proud owner of a mutt? When I say mutt, I also am talking about “pure breeds”, the so called pure blood lines of dogs, that cost much more when they are puppies. Now, from the picture above you can see that I have a Mexican Xoloitzqintle…or other wise known as a ” Chihuahua ” just like our good friend Paris Hilton. OK, you found me out, that is in fact a Black Lab, and Paris Hilton may not have any “good friends”. Did you know that the average owner of Chihuahuas spend over $90,000 over the life span of their small hairless bundles of joy?
I can remember going to Bozeman to pick out my new puppy. I went early in the morning , that way I’d have all day to play with my new little black rat. Now, my dog was a very cute puppy, I know, everybody thinks that their puppy is the cutiest thing on the planet, but mine really was. I mean, check it out with the photo below

See, told ya! Now this is a cute little mutt! Now when I say mutt, I say this with affection, much like in Spanish the use of Gordo, or Gorda, now in English , this means  fatty. In Spanish one may or may not be a fatty to be called  Gorda , it is used as an affectionate term for somebody weather they are over weight or not. I use the term mutt the same way, it does not matter if your dog is pure breed or not, it is an affectionate term for your little best furry friend. I can’t tell you the number of times I have used this term and wish I had a camera to document the face of anguish and disgust on peoples faces upon hearing their little bundles of joy referred to as a mutt.
Now I read about  the line of Labs my dog came from, and it sounds like, pure breed is a loose term. It seems like to spice up this particular line of Labs, somebody along the way thought it would be a good idea to breed in the quality’s of a Ridgeback hound. I know, pure what? Yes, someone had the idea for the quality of their great sense of smell, and endourence would help this particular line of Labs. Not a bad idea , really, but, I’m not sure just how the whole ” pure breed” tag comes into play, maybe after so many generations , the breed is considered “pure”, I really don’t know , and quite frankly do not care.
I’m just more than satisfied that I do have an wonderful mutt, that likes to pursue the same things I do. Hunting, bird hunting to be exact, fishing and boating, swimming in the river, and long walks. All things I enjoy, and also my mutt enjoys, with nothing but pure enthusiasm.
One of the reason I started writing about my dog, was that every morning while drinking coffee, and eating my Life cereal with a banana and yogurt, I pass the time on my computer. Checking e-mails , writing Blogs, down loading Photos, checking the weather, visiting on Facebook, etc…My dog is never happy with my attention so focused on this little box, and she will lay at my feet, blocking my chair, so if I move she will be involved  and try to grab my attention while I try to rise. My dog is quite aware of the noise associated with my computer, and jumps up and wags her tail when she hears the “ding-dong” that is, in fact the bell that indicates the computer session is over.
I recently read about a sheep dog that had a vocabulary of 1,125 words. I have always felt that my dog had an excellent knowledge of many words, I’m sure it is not as high as 1000 words but , many words. When I do spend time on my computer, I usually will take time to “throw” something for her so she will not feel like all my attention is focused on this little box.
My mutt is happiest during the months of Sept-Dec, for two reasons, one because it is cool weather, and it is hunting season. My dog knows that at least 3 times a week, she will get to run, and hunt. Both things she adores, the running keeps her fit , so she feels good. And, she is a hunting dog, she is able to do what she was developed for , the long line of breeding comes into play, hunting.
It is the last day of February, it has been two months since my dog and I have been able to get into the routine of walking everyday. I’m looking forward to March and warmer weather , so we can get out and go for our daily morning walks , we will both feel better.

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