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Driving on the other side (part 17)

September 21, 2011

Driving on the other side (part 17).

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Driving on the other side ( PART 17 )

The three enjoyed breakfast in the large hotel restaurant that overlooks Nelson Harbor. Kelly and Jane were both light eaters having toast and handmade jams and local white honey, accompanied by dark black coffee, and hand-squeezed orange juice fresh off the tree. Billy, on the other hand, grew up on a ranch, he is used to eating a real breakfast, ham, eggs lightly tossed, a large slice of honeydew melon, fried bread covered in powdered sugar, dark black coffee, and two glasses of  a mixture of Braeburn apple juice with local fresh orange , in a 50-50 mix. Bender liked the less acidic juice, and it seemed like it was available all over this wonderful lush country.
Kelly cleared her throat, then asked, so, what’s the plan? I mean you two seem like it may be like your ready to start all over again, what gives? Kelly was looking straight at Jane when she said this, giving just a glance toward Billy near the very end of her direct question. Jane, using her napkin cleared a small dot of the light colored honey that had paused in the corner and between her perfectly lushes lips, then said, Kelly, we made plans, nothing is going to change, after breakfast you and I are heading to the Able-Tasman trail and we are going hiking. Billy is heading down to towards Christchurch, alone in some kind of pursuit of a Super Model he met on the flight down here. What? Exclaims Kelly, you have got to be kidding me! Billy Bender, the fucking nerve of you, Kelly then adds, excuse my French, but, that is absolutely unbelievable, Jane, this is bullshit! Kelly jumps up, napkin in hand nearly knocking over her chair upon her arise, catching the top of the chair just before it tumbles toward the ground, then throwing her napkin with vengeance atop of the half-eaten toast and jams, and turning and walking away pointing a long stiff finger in the direction of Billy and says , you Billy Bender are a real Son of a Bitch. Jane turns to Billy and says in a muffled voice, I didn’t know Kelly knew your Mom? They both smile and laugh before Bender says, why is she so mad? You would think I was her ex-boyfriend, and not you. Jane turns to Billy and says, she just went through a very ugly divorce, Kelly is very raw, in her eyes all men are evil, I’ll explain it to her on our hike. OK says Bender, but please explain it to her in detail, I feel really bad for her and I don’t even understand why, Billy adds, crazy.
In the parking lot, while loading up their two cars, Kelly stood in the lobby and watched Billy throw the luggage into the trunks, Jane who has not broken a nail in over 15 years, leaned on Billy’s Ford and watched. The task complete, Billy and Jane started with a small kiss and goodbye, which quickly escalated into heavy petting and a full makeout scene that was headed toward the hood of Billy’s station wagon until Kelly slammed the door of the Land-cruiser she and Jane had been traveling in for the past two weeks, and upon entering screamed, enough already, lets go, Janie,! Let’s go!
The mood broken, Billy and Jane straighten their clothes, Billy holding Jane by her shoulders looked Jane deep into her Sky Blue eyes, then released her, both smiled, then both drove away in two different directions, Jane watched the tail lights of  Ford Taurus station wagon fade away.
Billy knew he was at a crossroad of his life, not knowing what the future held, he knew he needed to go forward and see what was around the next corner. The next few weeks would be pivotal in the life of Billy Bender, as he drove south out of Nelson, he came upon a river that was just a perfect size for wade fishing. Billy pulled over to have a look, he did not know the name of the small river, nor at this moment did he care. Large Caddis flies were hatching in the mid-morning sunlight that penetrated through the thick green foliage that lined the emerald green meandering stream. Bender could see a few large trout feeding on the edges whenever one of the unlucky moth-like bugs would flutter as it floated over the feeding lane of one of the large hungry trout. It was too much for Bender, he quickly moved to the back of the steel-blue ford and grabbed his Simms vest and his 9′-5 Sage rod and headed down a small trail that would take him streamside. As Billy assembled his gear, he thought of Jane, he also was thinking of Ann Hunter, there was just something about Ann that Billy needed to know more, she seemed perfect for Billy in every aspect. I’ll never know unless I try, thought Bender. Billy tied on a # 14 Elk hair Caddis, he took the line off his reel and began to cast to a large brown trout who was feeding on the surface 30 feet upstream along the bank. At this moment the images of both Ann Hunter and Jane faded, all Billy could see were currents, a large rock just upstream from the feeding trout, and the rhythm of the feeding brown opening it’s white mouth every ten seconds or so, Bender was focused, he had already thought of what might happen once he hooked the big brown, Bender was in the zone.

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