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Driving on the other side ( Part 19 )

January 13, 2012

Monday, December 26, 2011

Driving on the other side (Part 19)

Bender pulled out his South Island map to get an idea of the best route to get to Christchurch. He decided to drive to the town of Blenheim, which is in the heart of the most famous wine country in the South Island. From his Northern location, he notices that it will take some time due to the mountainous, curvy road that winds through the arid mountains, and through the rich fertile valleys that produce world-class wines. This is the area of  New Zealand called the Marlborough region, famous for its white wines, with Sauvignon Blancs being the top producer, along with Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs being a close second and third respectively. This area of the South Island has excellent soils, abundant sunshine, and cool nights that are perfect conditions for growing grapes. Billy thought back to his first night in Auckland when he first tried an excellent Marlborough Riesling that was delicious, accompanied along with the Bluff Oysters, Lobster, and fresh Asparagus. Bender planned on spending the night in Blenheim, then he would have time to buy a case of wine to bring as a gift for the Hunters, and not show up empty-handed. Billy wanted to make a good impression, so, to choose the correct wine might take some time.
Back at the beach, Jane and Kelly got dressed, and, continued their trek along the flat white sandstone path that led them to the first stopping spot that turned out to be a small hut that was comprised of wood walls with a grass thatched roof. “perfect ” Jane exclaimed, ” lets spend the night here”. Upon entering what they thought was going to be their home for the evening, they found that all four beds were already occupied, with colorful backpacks resting atop of the four small single beds. “oh shit” came out of the mouth of Kelly, and she asked Jane, “now what”?
The girls were disappointed and perplexed to know their next move when a sexy bikini-clad brunette entered the hut. “Hello, are you two wanting to spend the night here?” came from the brunette, with a  European accent. “I’m Anna, we just got here this morning”, behind Anna standing in the doorway was a blonde, wavy-haired, tanned, great looking man in his early thirties, ” Hi, I’m Eric you two just arrived?” Both girls were just starring since Eric had only shorts on, nothing else, just a big smile and shorts. Finally, Jane blurted out, ” yea, we just walked in, looks full, I’m Jane and this is Kelly, we are both from Colorado”. Anna says that she is from Sweden and that Eric is from Montana. “So”, asks Jane,” how far is it to the next hut”? Eric pipes in and tells the girls that they have missed the ferry to the small Island where the next hut is located, and, that the next ferry is at 8:00 am tomorrow. The girls decide maybe they would hike back to the car and continue down the road to the west coast where they can hit the Milford track. “We are going to also be on the Milford track,” says Eric, “maybe we will see you there”. Kelly enthusiastically replies, “hope so, that would be fun!”
The girls figure they have around three hours to walk back to the Landcruiser, so, they say goodbye and start their journey. As soon as they are out of earshot, Kelly turns to Jane and asks, “was that guy hot or what?, I could have done him right in front of that sexy little swede and let her watch, or join in, or, whatever!” Jane with a look of disgust turns to Kelly shaking her head and says, “Kelly, you really need to get laid, I mean”. Kelly replies, “your right, I do need to get laid, and I’d be happy to be with that hot little Swede because I noticed how Eric was burning a hole starring at your white bikini top, he could not keep his eyes off of you Jane”. With a devious smile, Jane says, “I know, he was getting hot, did you see the size of the simi he was sporting through those shorts?”I’ll make you a deal if we see them again, I get Eric and you can have the sexy Brunette, deal?” Kelly sighs and says “deal”.
Billy was getting weary after driving through the curvy hillsides, it had been hours since his last stop, and he was in need of nourishment and drink. Then he noticed off to a distance a fair sized town, it was Blenheim, just in time thought Bender. As Billy started the decline and into the green fertile valley, he thought that he had forgotten to call Ann Hunter to let her know that he was getting close.  I’ll have to call her tonight, to at least give her a warning that I’ll be there tomorrow, Bender was thinking. Tonight, I’ll dine and drink some great Kiwi wines, shave, and look for an appropriate gift to bring for Ann’s folks, I hope they drink wine, thought Bender. Billy wondered what Ann would be like with her parents there all the time, then, he remembered her face, what a beautiful women, and what a body, tall lean, curvy, maybe the most beautiful women Bender had ever seen. Tomorrow could not come fast enough, Billy needed a drink…

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