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Driving on the other side ( Part 21 )

March 11, 2012

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Driving on the other side (Part 21)

One of the reasons the girls choose to stay where they did, was due to the fact that they would have an individual cabin, and, the fact that the cabin they choose was right on the lake with a stunning view. As they drove through the small town of  Moana, they noticed that one Pub seemed to be the hot spot and decided to check it out. The Pub’s of South Island had changed from the years past. In the old days, each Pub had two sides, one for women, and the other for men, usually there was a bar in the middle where both could eat, drink and mingle. These days most people just went to the bar in the middle, wow, now that is progressive. This Pub was a DB ( Dominion Bitters) Pub, the most popular drink in this part of the South Island. Jane and Kelly get a table instead of sitting at the bar, they were there to eat, they thought they could drink later. In the Pub’s they almost always serve food, good food, and lots of it. The menus are typically pretty similar, Kidney and Steak Pie, Lamb Stew, Fresh Fish, and Chips are always available, and typically a special of some sort, whatever is in season, tonight it was Venison ( Red Stag) in a creamy brandy sauce.
Both Jane and Kelly had one thing in mind, and that was to eat, after smoking the redbud that Billy had given Jane, both girls were starving, and were focused on food. Everyone else in the bar was focused on the two women who just lit up the Pub with their beauty. The waitress appears with a small pad and an active pencil that is tapping the pad at a rapid pace. What have girls?”Jane looks up to say” ah, menus please” The waitress with a look of disgust says, ” it’s written on the board behind you, there is fish, stew, pie, or if you’d like the special is Bambi”. Jane ops for the Fish and chips and Kelly the Lamb Stew, Jane ask for bread as well. At the bar, there were two young men who did not appear to be locals. They had wild sun-bleached blonde hair, they were both dressed similar, with baggy canvas pants, loose fitting short sleeved shirts and Teva’s. Jane noticed the two after she had eaten three of the hot, fresh rolls that came accompanied with real butter. “Kelly, check these two dudes sitting at the bar behind you, they don’t look like local’s,” says Jane casually. Kelly turns around to have a look, then turns back at Jane and says, ” they look a little young, don’t they”? Jane with a look of surprise replies, “since when did you get so picky’? Kelly with a defensive tone adds, “well don’t they”?
The food came nun too fast for the weary travelers, both girls devoured their food in what seemed just minutes, Jane with a devious smile lets out a small burp, and says, ” that hit the spot”! Kelly sighs and says, “Oh man, I needed that, it was delicious.’ Jane bends her head back and has a big laugh, only to return to see both tall young men standing directly behind Kelly’s chair. ” Good evening ladies, can we buy you a drink” came from the one of the surfer looking dudes, that appeared to have an Australian accent.
Back on the East coast, Billy enters the dining room to find  Kate Granger sitting at the bar smoking a cigarette, with an enormous glass of red wine parked just in front of her. Billy is stunned to see the women he met earlier who was decked out in a loose-fitting Logan green outfit, to now be looking absolutely ravishing. Kate wore four-inch heels, a dark green emerald silky satin dress that was sleeveless, backless and cut in the front with an exposing V that came to just below her knees. She was lightly made up and wore diamond earrings with a matching necklace, ring, and bracelet. Kate Granger was a stunner, Billy was speechless for a few seconds until Kate broke the silence with, ” Billy, welcome, would you like to have a glass of Red or White wine”? Bender could feel his heart pounding in his chest, he was starting to focus and realized he quickly needed to get in the zone…

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