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Driving on the Other Side (Part 29)

February 15, 2014


Bender couldn’t sleep in anticipation of his big day. He was up and ready, it was only 5:00 AM, so he packed his bags, loaded the Taurus station wagon (fish rig), then waited for Jack in the Kitchen, making coffee and toast. Jack appeared in fine form, in green loden from head to toe, he was ready for the morning’s fishing, he always eats after fishing, not before. On the drive upstream, Billy told Jack about the large Yellow Mayflies that he saw the night before, and how the trout were keying in on them, slurping them from the surface.  Jack, ” Oh yes, we use to go out in the late evenings when Ann was younger, and it was always a treat to hook a few with those small “canary flies”, but it’s been some time that I’ve fished that late, not as young as I use to be Billy, must be a bit safer these days. Jack pulls into a new part of the river that Billy did not see the day before and parks just feet from the river. Both men exit the Land Cruzer, Jack ask Billy which direction he would prefer, Billy says he’ll go downstream and fish back up to the car, and Jack would start right there and work his way up above.

It was just starting to get light, there were Caddis hatching and flying about, it was easy to see what would work as far as flies were concerned. Jack hooked a nice trout on about his 5th cast, he was pleased, he hoped that Billy might notice. Bender had walked downstream and found a rather large pool, with trees and bushes overhanging the deepest part, he was certain there must be huge brown trout hiding under the branches. He waited for sometime before he saw a very small rise, just where he thought he might see one, right against the bank, under a large tree branch, just where the current started to straighten. Bender moved very slowly and quietly from below where he spotted the rise, getting close enough in order to make a perfect presentation. Then, again, the fish came to the surface to feed, Billy had him dialed in, and made the cast, the size 14 CDC Caddis floated right at the spot where Billy saw him feed. Very slowly a nose appeared and sucked in the high floating fly. Bender was surprised on the size of this enormous brown trout, it leaped out of the water, so high in fact that it wrapped itself over the branch that it was hiding under, and quickly broke off. It all happened so fast, it was hard for Billy to take in, but, Bender thought the fish would have gone at least 6-7 lbs. Jack, on the other hand, was having much better luck, landing five trout, the largest around 3lbs, and the smallest around 1 lb, but, all nice, healthy brown trout.

Bender couldn’t concentrate, he kept thinking he’d better get going,  pop the big question to Jane. His mind was racing, a ring, well, better to buy one back home, get one she really wants and not something I pick out, or I’ll never hear the end of it, he thought. He started to head back to the Land Cruzer and to check up on Jack, who was on the same page and walking downstream toward the truck. They put the rods up, then proceeded back toward the house.  Jack, “so, how did it go? Any good one’s Billy?” Bender, ” tell you the truth, I hooked a very nice brown who jumped so high it rapped me on a branch, that was my morning,  how about you?  On the drive back to the house Jack explained to Billy just how sorry Heddy and he were with Ann being so pre-occupied, and how they both wish things could have worked out.

After a hearty breakfast, Billy was ready to move south, take Highway 8 all the way to Queenstown, and find out the best way to hook back up with Jane and Kelly. Cell service was very spotty, only working in some places, Billy would need to investigate just how he was going to pull this little move off, because now, he knew he wanted to marry Jane, and be with her for the rest of his life. What he did not consider, did Jane want to be with him, forever..?

After hiking straight for six hours, the girls were getting a bit winded. Mark, on the other hand, was in great shape and knew if they did not slow him down, that he could get off the trail that day, or at least that night. They had hiked past the hut # 2 and were heading toward Hut # 3, they had around five more hours to make it to the 3rd hut. Both Jane and Kelly decided it was too much, that the Hut # 3 would be where they would sleep that night, and get out and off the trail the following day.  Once the trio got to the third hut, they found out that at Sandfly Point, where the ferry comes to take you back to Queenstown, leaves at 2:00 PM, and only 2:00 PM, and the name Sand Fly Point, was named that for a good reason, it was no place to camp! The trio felt very lucky, this way they could get up early and beat the ferry right at 2:00, and head back the next day. The 3rd Hut was crowded, and only a few beds were open, and the “no see ums” , and Sand flies, made sleeping outside impossible. Kelly turns to Jane and says, ” we can sleep together, wouldn’t be the first time Jane”. “OK, it’s so crowded in here that sleeping with MR Hard Cock might be a bad idea, I can wait a couple of nights when we can be alone”. Kelly, “does that mean you two didn’t do it last night’? Jane, ” no, there were people walking around, it was not the place, of course, he wanted to, but I said no, you’ve got to wait, and it is worth waiting for, he said no problem, and we kissed some then went to sleep. Funny, I really wanted to while we were hiking, then, last night, I started thinking about Billy, I wonder what he is up too anyway”?.

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  1. Debi falk-young permalink
    February 15, 2014 9:54 PM

    Hi Mark, its been a long time since we’ve talked. Just got on facebook so not up to date on how it works. Have’nt read your page yet, will later, but wanted to say hi and say so cool to see how you are doing. Your cousin Debi

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