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Driving on the Other Side ( Part 30 )

February 21, 2015

queenstown 2 Upon arriving in Queenstown around noon, Bender finds a nice Hotel, books two suites, both with a view of the Lake, a perfect setting for popping the big question to his lustful love, Jane. Everything needed to be perfect, Billy starts to make a list of everything he will need to pull this off. He cannot forget about Kelly, she will have to be an integral part of the plan if this will be successful. Bender found out at the front desk that the Ferry that comes from Sand Fly Point, arrives, right at 4;00 pm. Four hours to get everything ready for the Magic to take place, he will need flowers, lots of flowers, clothes, Bender will need to go shopping for Himself and his new Bride to be, and he cannot forget about the tall redhead Kelly and her needs. He will also need some kind of a temporary ring, he could just say it’s an engagement ring, that way, Jane will be able to choose one that she adores, once they return to the States. Bender heads downstairs to speak with a bellhop, they can make anything happen for the right price. He finds out where to go shopping, and is told there is a Jewelry Store on the corner, down towards the lake, After looking at six different styles of rings and getting more advise than Billy asked, he decides on a 1 caret dark blue Lapus stone, surrounded with tiny white diamonds. The ring is spectacular, Bender hopes, for an engagement ring, it will be enough to help influence Jane into saying  YES! The Bellhop is making the arrangements for all the flowers, and dinner reservations at one of the top Restaurants in Queenstown that sits seven stories high above the Lake, with an indescribable view that one never forgets. There will be cold champagne waiting in the Suite for the new guest to arrive. Things are starting to come together, Billy goes down the list and checks off all the completed items. “Let’s see what I’m forgetting “, Billy asked himself out loud.  “clothes, darn, almost forgot, now, I think I remember, Jane’s foot size and dress size, but I have no clue what size Kelly would be. I might just send Jane a text and get the sizes correct, or this will be all for nothing. If she can receive a text”. NZ Ferry The trio of hikers make it to their destination to Sand Fly Point with little time to spare, it is 1:45 pm when they finally set foot on the ferry that will take them back to the busy tourist town of Queenstown. Kelly, ” thank god we made it, I could not stay one more night out sleeping on the ground, I’m going to have a double Martini as soon as we get checked into a hotel”. Jane is more interested in food, ” I’m going to have a double chocolate Sunday with lots of crushed nuts, whipped cream with a cherry on top, I can’t wait,” sighed the dirty blonde. Mark, on the other hand, was not thinking of drink, nor food, but, rather the dirty blonde he had his arms around that he was kissing the back of her neck and ears, with each flicker of his tongue, he could hear her purr. All three were wanting different vices and were glad to be sailing back to civilization. Just then, there was a sound that seemed very distinctive, but yet distant at the same time. It was coming from Jane’s Backpack, she opened the top pocket to find her phone vibrating and making this noise that is very familiar, but not in this setting. Kelly asks, ” Janie, what is it? Is there something wrong?’ Jane replies, “no, nothing wrong, it’s Billy, he is waiting for us in Queenstown, and he wants to know our shoe and dress sizes, hmm, now what do you think he is up to?” ferry nz moving Bender has everything ready to go in the suites, even displaying dresses, laid out on the beds and on the floor below, shoes to match, for both Jane and Kelly. There are Flower arrangements throughout both rooms, the smell is pungent and sweet, the colors nearly overwhelming. Billy places the Ring box on the table along with the champagne, fruit basket, and cheese and cracker platter. After everything is ready, he heads toward the pier with two bouquets of fresh, colorful flowers, Billy is finally ready for the life-changing event of marriage, with the gal he has loved nearly his entire life, he can see the ferry coming fast from the other side of the lake. Bender is nervous, then the “what if’s” start to play with his mind, it seemed like the ferry would never arrive. Jane turns back toward Mark and looks him straight in the eyes, she says,” Sorry, this isn’t going to happen between us, I’m really sorry, but, this is a game changer. This man who is waiting for me in Queenstown, is the love of my life, I think he is going to ask me to marry him, finally!’ Kelly laughs and says, ” well, what do you know, it looks like Billy Bender is going to make an honest woman of you, this might be interesting”. Just then Kelly turns her attention toward Mark and winks at him to let him know that he is not completely out of luck, ” well Marko, I guess it’s you and me, what do you say?’ It didn’t take a second before Mark replied with, ” your on Kelly, there is no way I want to be in the middle of a possible wedding, I wish you all the luck in the world Janie, no hard feelings from me, nothing but good vibes”.The ferry horn blasted their arrival into the pier at Queenstown. From the back of the ferry, Jane could see Billy waiting with a huge bouquet of brilliantly colored flowers, it was quite a sight after sleeping on the ground for the past three nights. Bender waited as hikers disembarked from the sizable ferry, most of the people were quite young, 18-30 years old, about 40 hikers, dirty from their journey, passed by with their backpacks, hiking boots, and most wore shorts. Then, the last to arrive was Janie and Kelly and it looked like an American male that appeared to be mid-thirties, that was walking with Kelly. Jane ran into Billy’s arms, dropping her pack just before leaping into Benders strong, hairy arms and chest, and kissed him with a hot, wet mouth, not stopping for quite a while, until Bender noticed that behind Jane, awkwardly stood Kelly and her American friend.  It took strength to pry Jane from his lips, but, Bender still holding Jane tight, greeted Kelly, gave her one of the bunches of flowers, and was introduced to her new friend named Mark. The four of them headed up to the Hotel and the awaiting two suites. Billy turns to Mark and asks, ” do you have some clean clothes with you, by any chance?’ Mark shakes his head and says, ” no, I sure don’t have anything that isn’t smelling like a campfire”. Bender, “You can use some of mine Mark, we are about the same size. I’m taking everyone out to a very special dinner, and since you are a friend of Kelly’s you are more than welcome to join us Mark, and the room is already paid for, so it’s all taken care of” docked ferry nz The couples both go to each’s adjoining suites, as the door starts to shut, Billy leans out and tells Kelly and Mark that dinner will be at 8:00 pm, and to be ready by 7:45. You could hear the sighs from far away, as both gals enter the rooms filled with the floral arrangements, and if one listened closely, you could hear wild laughter and the popping of Champagne corks coming from each room.

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