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Driving On The Other Side ( Part 31 )

March 7, 2015

The Sun has started to set, the brilliant colors radiating and reflecting off the distant mountains, and illuminating the newly converted “honeymoon suite”. Purple, red, and orange elongated rays pierce the windows that look out over the emerald green Queenstown Lake, it is the magic hour of a long day for everyone. Bender enters the master bedroom after a long, hot shower to see Jane stretched out, atop of ultra white sheets, moving her honey blonde hair behind her right ear, so she can stare in disbelief over her stunning, shiny, new ring.  Bender, ” my god girl, you look unbelievable”, Jane turns toward the bathroom to find Billy drying off with an extra large, fluffy, light blue towel. Jane takes turns looking first at her ring, then back at Bender, then back at her ring, she sighs and says, ” Billy Bender, you have made me the happiest girl in New Zealand, thank you, Billy, thank you for everything!” Bender bends down, a drop of water from Billy’s wet hair lands just above Janie’s Bellybutton on the flat part of her stomach. Jane asks playfully, ” are you going to lick that off of me?” Then she laughs, and leans back, opening up to invite Bender in. Billy is excited, he leans in and licks the droplet from her belly button, moves north kissing his way until he finally finds Jane’s warm, welcoming, wet mouth. He kisses his new bride soft and long, their tongues dancing and darting, their lips barely touching. Then Jane spots the red illuminated numbers on the digital clock that read 7:35, “Oh shit we are going to be late” exclaims the honey blonde. Billy jumps up and says,” you’d better get in that shower”


The view from the table overlooking the lake was stunning, the two couples were in an unusually cheerful mood, everything was perfect. Drinks arrived, and Bender stands to make a small speech, ” today I asked Jane to marry me, and I feel like the luckiest man in the world, Jane said yes”. Clapping came from the other end of the table with Kelly and Mark jumping up to congratulate Billy and Jane.” Wow dude nice, good for you ” came from Montana Mark, Kelly broke into tears and hugged Jane, “Oh baby you deserve this so much, you waited so long, I’m so happy for both of you”. Jane with her arm outstretched, and her hand pointing toward the ceiling proudly displayed her new acquisition. Kelly, ” it’s gorgeous, wow, that is just striking, beautiful, very tasteful,” came from the recently divorced tall, thin Redhead.  Billy and Mark gave each other a guy hug off to the side, and congratulation was complete. Bender announces that there is a set menu, and everything has already been arranged, there will be a five-course meal and he hopes that everyone will be satisfied.

During the first course of fresh oysters, cocktail sauce and a fresh lemon wedge, the question came from Kelly, ” so, what’s the plan, what now, we have one week left before having to fly out of Auckland, what do you think?” Jane asks, ” So Mark, what are your plans? Do you have to be anyplace soon? In which Mark replies, Janie, no, I have three more months here in New Zealand, then I’m planning on spending a month in Fiji, then back to Montana, and back to work. Kelly looks at Mark like he is an alien and says, “wow, now that is a vacation dude, I’m so jealous, nice!” The second course arrives,  golden brown grilled lobster, ( Crayfish, the locals call them bugs”) Billy pipes in and says, ” I found out two days ago that I was reinstated at work, thank god, but my vacation is over on Jan. 5. That gives me two weeks before I have to be back. I was thinking we could drive both cars north to Auckland, Kelly you can fly back and Jane and I can spend a week in Fiji on the return”.

Everyone is famished and the food just seems to disappear, The rest of the meal, consisted of a beautiful fresh green salad, grilled lamb chops, and a grilled red snapper. After the long hike, drinks, and lovemaking, this group ate quite a bit of food. After dinner, drinks and coffee and one portion of fresh peach cobbler a la mode ( shared by all ), completed the feast. Jane outdid herself and announced that she cannot move a muscle and if Billy could carry her to the honeymoon suite. Kelly turned and smiled at Montana Mark  and asked, ” You ready for round three big boy?” As all four patrons stare out of the window toward the lake, lights of the Village of Queenstown, sparkle like the small diamonds on Janie’s new ring. The three hikers and Billy weave their way upstairs, and return to bed, tomorrow will be a big day.

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