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Fly Fishing has become very popular. If you do not enjoy fishing with a lot of other folks, I suggest you try to come out early or late in the season. The early season March, April ,and May can have some cool temps, but , not a lot of other fishermen. The other time the river is much more quiet is in November. At this time of the year there are Midges, Grey Baetis, Blue Winged Olives, great streamer fishing and some nymphing. The fishing some years is great, depending of course on weather. In April and May we have Midges, March browns, Caddis, and Blue Winged olives. There is dry fly fishing, good streamer fishing,(no weeds!) and , always nymph fishing. So, if you want to miss the crowds, try fishing in the Spring, or Late Fall on the Missouri!


Mark Daly

Po Box 334

Cascade MT 59421

FF Outfitter # 3290

Tel/ – 406 459 9642

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  1. February 20, 2012 6:36 PM


    I enjoy your posts.

    Quick run to the South Platte today. Three fish….17″ Brown and two 15″ rainbows. Very fun.

    We need to plan to hunt/fish together. I will reach out to you if the family heads to MT in the fall. Please look me up if you head to CO.



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