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(Fishing Report From The Missouri River)

FEB 11th 2018

It was snowing like crazy yesterday, just cold today, 1*. I’m ready to start fishing again, just waiting for it to warm up a bit to get out and float! FYI, if you are planning to come out and fish this Spring/Summer here on the Missouri River near Craig/Cascade, you better get booking ASAP. I have spoke to many guides this past week, and it looks like June is pretty much booked, I have openings in April and May, and again in July and August, , check out my website and contact me if you are interested  with fishing with a guide that has been on this river for over 30 years!


March Madness starts today! March 20th 2014

Fishing is great, the weather, not so much…This time of the year this kind of weather is best for fishing, cold, cloudy, snow storms, Montana Spring fishing. Water levels for now are very doable, but for how long will depend on just how warm it will be in the near future. We have quite of bit of snow in the Mountains, once it really starts to warm, the water levels will rise with the temps! Nymphing will be fine high water, low water, fish have to feed, so that will not a factor. Dry fly fishing will suffer with the high water, also the streamer fishing, just more water will move fish to slack water. These spots will get pounded…

Wordpress crayfish


Don’t forget about nymphing streamers, crayfish, brown buggers, worms, pink flies,  pink thorax flies, orange bead flies etc…





And do not forget about Midges… Zebra’s, Candy Canes, will both be excellent produces, along with Electric midges, in Purple and silver. Small bright high contrast flies will catch the trouts attention even in higher water.

Electric Midges


For dry flies, midges will be the menu for until the Baetis start to show when the water warms just a bit, along with Skwalla Stones, little black stones, but for now, Midges.

Wordpress Midge cluster


Midges , close up

Midges , close up

Today I’m watching the opening of March Madness, I’m trying for the Billion $$$. Wind, cold, some precip….Fishing will be fine, but, not today for this guy! Have fun , and good luck with your chance to win a Billion $$$$$$$$$$!


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