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(Dry Flies for the Missouri river)

These are flies that are great trout producers for the Missouri River from Holter Lake to the town of Ulm, 50miles of some of the best trout fishing on the Planet.

Electric Midge

Electric Midge

Midges , close up

Midges , close up

PMD Cripple # 16, 18

Cluster # 14

Brown Drake Cripple

Cripple Black midge # 18

Cripple Green Midge # 18

Hatching Midge # 20

Grey Baetis # 22

Hi - vis Nat

Para Adams

Baetis CDC # 18

Baetis emerger # 20

PMD Para Emerger

PMD Spinner

PMD Floating nymph

PMD Cripple

Half a Chicken Mayfly/Caddis emerger

Half A Chicken Caddis

Half a Chicken rubber leggs

Electric Midges

                                                                                                                 Electric Midges

>Fly Design, Pretty VS Pratical

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